Cotton Graphics
STEP 1 We begin by working with you to create a custom design. Tell us your ideas, vision or concept. Our customer service representatives will work with you and make sure you get just what you are looking for.
Cotton Graphics
STEP 2 Our amazing team of artists bring your ideas to life . To ensure everything is perfect we will send you a digital proof of the artwork showing you what the finished print will look like. If any revisions are needed just say the word and we will make it right.
cotton graphics
STEP 3 Once you approve the design our artists get to work creating film negatives of the artwork. There will be one film for every color in the design.
cotton graphics
STEP 4 Next the film images are transfered to a frame with a fine mesh streched over the top called screens. These screens are covered with a photo sensitive emulsion that when exposed to light allow only the image on the film to be rinsed away.
cotton graphics
STEP 5 Once the screens are dry they are ready to be set up on the press. Each screen needs to align with all of the others because it will only apply a single ink color used in the design. The press does this by running a rubber squegee over the screen pressing the ink though the mesh and onto the shirt.
cotton graphics
STEP 6 After all the colors are applied the ink needs to be curred. this is don by running sending the garment down a conveyer belt through a dryer set to about 400 degrees. Once dry the image is permenent and the finised apparel is packaged up for delivery.
cotton graphics
Cotton Graphics

How do I get prices?
Many printers post stock prices. Because of the fluctuation of both wholesale prices and our regular bulk purchases at sale prices, we are able to give discounts on many items at any given time. To get the best possible pricing, please call(770) 590-7823 or e-mail for a quote.


Can I order online?
Yes if you have artwork or are looking to DIY click here. For custom orders we recomend contacting us because of the large number of variables and the intricacies of each individual project, the safest and most efficient way to ensure perfect results is to contact us directly by calling or by e-mail.

Do I need to supply my own artwork?
No, but you can if you'd like. Although we can reproduce your artwork, our staff will create finished artwork for you. We start with thumb-nail sketches from your idea and work towards the finished product from there. Generally you'll get two or three sketches to choose from at which point you can pick one or mix and match aspects from each of the sketches. Once the idea is complete, we work up a finished piece that you can see on your desktop.

If I supply the artwork, what format does it need to be in?
Unless you are a graphic artist and have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, or Corel, please call before you begin any digital artwork. For the most part, jpeg, gif, bmp, ppt, qxl are not conducive to strong results and require extensive reworking. Even though a piece of artwork may look beautiful on the monitor, it may not be set for the proper resolution, layers, color gamut, trapping, etc., to achieve the desired results. Drawings and photographs generally reproduce very well. However, DO NOT FOLD OR MARK THEM UP! Enclose any written directions on separate sheets of paper.

How many colors can I use for my print?
Pretty much as many as you'd like. We have as many as 14 print heads on any one press but by means of mixing colors and simulating colors through blending, there is virtually no limit to the number of finished colors.

Are there minimums?
Yes. Our minimum for color imprints is 24 pieces.

What is the turnaround time for my shirts?

As a rule, once the artwork is approved, turnaround is about 5 to 7 buisness days. If you get in a bind and have a short delivery date, let us know. We'll work with you if we can and we'll let you know if we can't.

Should I use 100% cotton or blended T-Shirts?
In almost all cases, the 100% cotton is the way to go. The all cotton shirt is much more comfortable to wear and with all of the new manufacturing processes, the shape and size of the shirt stays very consistent. The exception comes primarily when working with youth shirts. The blended shirts are a bit more wear and tear resistant and can survive the playground a little better.

If I run out, can I get more?
Yes. Re-runs of 36 pieces or more are charged at the same rate as the original run with $11.00 re-setup fee per screen.

Does Cotton Graphics do contract printing?
Yes. We're happy to print customer-supplied shirts. Contact us for pricing and minimum quantities.

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